Coming Soon - Electrosurgical

02/08/2019 15:14 WIBOperatorPenting520

Twin operative activity: two output channels for monopolar cutting / two independent setting and output channels for the most frequent monopolar coagulation. Spray coagulation available by hand switch or foot switch.

Wide bipolar features: bipolar cutting current with selectable bleeding control / slow blend cutting current. Separately activable automatic start and automatic stop coagulation.

Surgeon and patient total safety: acceptability of contact impedance between patient body and return electrode continuously watched by skinplate electronic control (SPEC). Excessive power delivery time warned. H.F. leakage currents continuously monitored.

Mains voltage variations automatically compensated before to start the delivery of H.F. power extention driver and interlock signals: drived output connection to external argon plasma unitand smoke evacuator unit automatic self diagnosis. Automatic diagnostic control of the actual complete functionality of the electronic unit and the connected accessories and coded report of found failures speedy coagulation also said fulgurate or forced coagulation.

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