Coming Soon - Surgical Operating Lamp

02/08/2019 14:06 WIBOperatorPenting121

With special infrared filter technology, 99% of radiant heat may be filtered and the increase of
temperature at wound area of patient will not be more than 10°C absolutely, and therefore, any
risk of water evaporation at the wound area may be avoided.

The color temperature calibration
system specially designed may provide a color temperature approximate to natural daylight, and so
reflect the original colors of tissues of the body, which conduces to physicians diagnosing the parts to
be performed operation correctly advanced digital integrated circuit control board with wide voltage
working characteristics, it works reliably 220V 50 Hz for power supply, with a strong resistance
for interference. Excellent depth for focalization.

Continuous multi-directional reflection technology -
Advanced multidirect reflection system safe spare lighting system When failure of main bulb occurs,
spare bulb will light automatically within 0.3 second, the illumination intensity and light center will
not be influenced at all. Indicator for failure of main lamp under the board, which may alert relevant
personnel for replacing the bulb in time after operation.

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