Portable Suction Pump (F-40)

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Portable suction machine for minor surgery, post-surgery treatments, hospital use. Anti-shock case, light, easy to carry and keep clean. Supplied with 1lt. jar sterilizable, with overflow valve. Complete with suction regulator, vacuum gauge, disposable filter and set of tubes.

W 22cm | L 37cm | H 25cm


Brand - Fazzini

Motor Maintenance free oil
  free piston pump
Weight 2,7 kg
Power Supply 230V/ 50-60Hz (0z520A)
  110V/60Hz 195VA (1,18A)
Power consumption 120 W
Suction power 32 l/min
Max vacuum 0,80 bor - 600 mm Hg /-80 kPa
Operating Cycle 30 min ON / 30 min OFF
Noisness 62,8db
Jar 230V 50Hz
1 x 1 L F-40.00
1 x 2 L F-40/2.00
Jar 230V 60Hz
1x1 L F-40.00
1x2 L F-40/2.10
Jar 110V 60Hz
1x1 L F-40.00
1x2 L F-40/2.11


Minor surgery, post-surgery treatments, hospital use

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Portable Suction Pump (F-40)

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